World of Greggs to replace Barry Island theme park

The world’s first World of Greggs is set to replace Barry Island’s famous fairground.

The new World of Greggs theme park will include rides such as the Giant Steak Bake Adventure and the Flake Cake waltzers.

Barry ‘Barry’ Barrian, head of Barry Island Council told WalesOnCraic:

“We’ve been wanting something special here for years. Traditional fairgrounds are all well and good but people want something different these days. We’ve been in touch with Greggs the Bakers for several months now and we didn’t want to announce anything until we had it all in writing. The big wheel we currently have will be taken away and in its place, there will be The Great Steak Bake Adventure ride, where you pass scenes of cows being slaughtered and chopped up before being placed into pastry parcels. We’ll also be the first place in the world to have the Sausage Roll ride where you’re wrapped up in pastry and rolled down a big hill into a 20ft mouth.”

Greggs food will be available throughout the park but the news has drawn some critics.

Resident Dennis HairyGut said:

“I stopped eating at Greggs when they changed the cheese savoury/lettuce ratio. I used to enjoy a cheese savoury roll but these days, it’s mostly lettuce. I can’t live off that.”

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