Welsh travel agent offering ’30mph thrillseeker holidays’ to England

A travel agent in Tonypandy is offering a new type of extreme holiday for thrillseekers.

Go Over By There Travel Agents in Tonypandy are offering adrenalin junkies the chance to legally drive on open roads at 30mph in England.

Terry Dactill, who owns the travel agents, told WalesOnCraic:

“I got to work at 5pm this morning after driving 20mph from my house, which is over by there. By the time I got to work, I realised that there’s a gap in the market for people like myself who are looking for that little bit of thrill in life. I was on the phone to my butty who lives in England and he said that they all drive at 30mph over there. So I had an idea that I should offer package holidays for people who want to exprience the experience of wind in their hair. I’m now charging £3k to take people over the border into the Forest Of Dean, where they can drive their own car legally at 30mph on open roads. I’m hoping that they get a real buzz out of it.”

Customer Enog Thundergunt said:

“I loves this type of holibobs. One where I can go wild and live like I should. I think Terry’s got the right idea and I’m going to pay him £3k for him to take me to this wonderful place.”

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