PROVEN: Cellulite is ‘just hailstone damage’

A leading Welsh professor has discovered that cellulite is just damage caused by hail stones.

Professor Brian Cleverclogs said that the pimpled skin effect was common among Welsh women as it hailed a lot more than in other parts of the world.

He told WalesOnCraic:

“I studied 50 women from all over Wales. I asked them to parade around in their bikinis for several hours before I then took a closer look at their cellulite. I then asked the women if they’d pose for some photos in their bikinis. I’ve still got all the photos on my phone. There were women of all shapes and sizes. I then asked them if they’d ever been caught in a hailstorm and the majority of them said that they had. I therefore came to the conclusion that their cellulite is in fact just hailstone damage.”

Mary BigBush who took part in the survey said:

“The Professor took several hours looking me over before asking if I’d ever been caught in a hailstorm. I’m very happy with the results of this survey.”

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