57% Welsh households have ‘shit with sugar on’ for tea


A recent survey has found that the majority of Welsh households have ‘shit with sugar on’ for tea at least once a week.

Welsh parents are said to be the driving force behind the trend, often using it as a popular reply to the question ‘what’s for tea mam?’

Reggie Bumble, who conducted the survey, told WalesOnCraic:

“We were surprised to find that the dish was so popular. I remember as a kid, coming home from school and asking mum what we were having for tea and without fail, her reply would be ‘shit with sugar on’. I don’t actually remember whether it was actually shit with sugar on but it definitely tasted like it. Dad came home from work once and asked mum the same question and she gave the same reply so I think it was a family thing. I often say it to my kids when they come home from school now. It’s a tradition we’d like to keep alive.”

Shit with sugar on has yet to reach the international world of cuisine, but Reggie is hoping to make it popular when he appears on Masterchef next year.

“I haven’t got on there yet. I’ve just written in. I’d like to work with Greg because he’s my favourite and bald like me.”

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