Samaritans bring in extra staff as Cardiff hosts Coldplay

The Samaritans have brought in extra staff to deal with fans listening to Coldplay.

Thousands are expected to rave the night away to hits like The Scientist and Fix You.

One fan told WalesOnCraic:

“We fully intend to let our hair down and go bonkers tonight. I’m a big Chris Martin fan. He was great in The Night Manager. It’s a shame he didn’t sing any songs in that show because I think it would have worked well as a musical. It’s also a shame that he’s still not married to Madonna because it would have been nice for her to turn up tonight and give us all a surprise song.”

Samaritans boss Jenny Sadpants said:

“We know from experience that our hotlines become very busy after a Coldplay gig. We had it a few years ago when Morrissey came here. We’ve got some extra people on who can tell our callers to pull themselves together and stop moaning.”

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