Lorry carrying strawberries overturns on M4 causing one hell of a jam

A lorry carrying tens of thousands of strawberries has overturned on the M4, causing one hell of a jam.

The lorry was heading for Bristol but braked to avoid a wandering duck. Traffic police officer Gareth Sweatycrack told WalesOnCraic:

“This is obviously been written as a news report off the back of a bad joke that you were told down the pub. There has been no overturned lorry and no strawberries were hurt. You’ve clearly got nothing better to do than write crap news stories just to get likes on Facebook. In fact, I may arrest you under the Shit Jokes Law that was passed back in the 70s when Max Boyce was at the height of his fame. Why don’t you get a life?”

Another policeman told WalesOnCraic:

“I quite liked the gag and I’m happy to share it on my Facebook wall. It makes me look really funny and down with the kids.”

The M4 is now flowing freely. Apart from that bit by the Brynglas Tunnels, which is always a bit shit.

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