Psychic saveloy predicts which month it’ll stop raining

A psychic saveloy sausage has predicted which month it will stop raining in Wales.

The sausage revealed its prediction at Chips In The Night chip shop in Aberoverbythere.

Owner Garry Threesheds told WalesOnCraic:

“My saveloy has successfully predicted the downfall of the Berlin Wall, George Michael’s death, and the building of that new car park down in Cardiff. He’s never been wrong so we asked him when it was likely to stop raining. We’ve had so much rain here in Wales that we’re thinking of bottling it and selling it to those people in Africa who don’t get any. My wife keeps complaining about how moist she is when goes out to see her friend down the road and my garden is so sopping that I can’t mow the lawn.

“So we decided to ask the saveloy for his prediction and he gave us his answer.”

The saveloy said that it’ll stop raining in one of the next few months.

Which is a bit of a cop-out, according to locals.

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