Husband hangs picture at 639th time of asking

A husband from South Wales has hung a picture in his home at the 639th time of asking.

Gary Slowcoach had been asked by his wife Glenda to put up the picture 638 times.

He told WalesOnCraic:

“Glenda bought this picture of a stag three years ago. It was one of those pictures that came in three parts like those posh ones you see in pubs. She started asking me to put the picture up when she first got it but I started to ignore her as I’m not very good at putting things up on walls. Two years went by and she was still asking me to do it so I ignored her again as I thought she might do it herself. After another year if ignoring her, I thought I’d put it up. It’s all skew-whiff but at least it’s up.”

Glenda said:

“I’m glad it’s up but I’m not sure I like it so I may put something else there instead.”

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