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White House orders 10 pairs of Magic Gloves from Welsh children’s shop

The White House has put in an order for 10 Magic Gloves from a Welsh children’s shop.

The one-size-fits all gloves are believed to be for the president himself.

Ethel Thundergunt, who runs Tiny Tots Emporium told WalesOnCraic:

“We get a lot of orders off the internet but when we got into work this morning, we were amazed to see that there was an order from the White House in Washington. The order was for 10 pairs of the Magic Gloves which suit any size hands because they stretch like no-one’s business. The order was for 5 purple pairs and five blue. We’ve just been down to the Post Office now to send them off – cost us an arm and a leg to send them but I hope they’re happy with them.”

Husband Jim said:

“It’s not very often that we get orders from overseas and this was a particularly interesting one. Looking at the weather over there, and looking at the size of the gloves themselves, we believe that these are for the President himself. If we see him on telly wearing them, we’re going to be so chuffed.”

A spokesman for the White House refused to comment on the order, stating that President Trump’s inauguration was the biggest one in history.

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