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Paul Nuttall: A 1966 World Cup winner should not be treated like this

1966 World Cup winner Paul Nuttall has criticised social media users for giving him a hard time in his job.

Nuttall, who scored the winning goal and lifted the trophy, said that people were making his job difficult.

He told WalesOnCraic:

“Like everybody else in this country, I’m just going about my job as best as I can. The last thing I need is people having a go at me on social media. Why should a national hero like myself be subject to this abuse? I’ve done nothing wrong. It’s worse than when I was in ‘Nam. People like me should just be allowed to get on with my daily life without having to put up with this rubbish. I’m still recovering from the Bowling Green Massacre for God’s sake.”

UKIP leader Nuttall has drawn the fury of social media after claiming that he’d won the 1986 Mr Universe title when in fact, he only came second.

“Why do people think that they can take the piss out of me? Let’s get this country back on its feet where it belongs and then we can all get on with our lives.”

Nuttall was speaking ahead of his appointment as the new host of Family Fortunes.

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