Russian spies eavesdropping on Welsh life via hidden microphones in daffodils

Russian spies are listening in to Welsh life via hidden microphones in daffodils.

Their cover was blown when a pensioner stole some from a local park and electrocuted herself when she tried to water them.

She told WalesOnCraic:

“It was St David’s Day and after I’d been to Kwik Save to get myself some Malted Milks, I was on my home and I realised that I had no daffodils in the house. There was no one about so I quickly ripped them out of the ground and put them under my coat. My suspicions were aroused when I noticed a long wire that was dangling down from the daffodils. I took no notice and took them home. I filled a vase with water and put the daffs straight in. The next thing I know, I’m being peeled off the ceiling by a paramedic.”

Local police confirmed that the daffodils did have hidden microphones inside them and later confirmed that Russian spies were listening in on Welsh life.

PC Peter Plod said:

“We’re not sure what they’re going to find to be honest. We’ve done loads of secret surveillance of people around here and all we’ve picked up is what people are having for tea and who’s been banging who down the club. They won’t find much around here.”

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