Overnight gales bring wheelie bin carnage to Wales

Overnight gales have brought carnage and destruction to the nation’s wheelie bins.

Wales wakes this morning to find wheelie bins fallen and scattered across roads, leading to travel disruption and days off work.

One shocked resident told WalesOnCraic:

“I was just getting my head down last night when I heard the calamitous noise coming from down the road. I was too scared to look out of the window in case the wind blew it in. I had to lie there all night awake, worrying what sight I’d be greeted with this morning. When I did finally manage to muster up the courage to look, it was carnage. Not only had my wheelie bin blown over, but my neighbour’s bin had fallen on to a bush and was leaning precariously. A potted plant had also toppled. I’d never have thought we would have seen it, not round these parts.”

Weather expert Derek the Weathersheep said that the strong winds had caused chaos overnight:

“Up here in mid-Wales, we had plastic bags flying around in the wind and one of them caught on an electricity pylon, bringing down the town’s electricity supply. Probably. I wouldn’t know because we were asleep in the barn and had our lights off.”

Winds should die down this morning, allowing emergency services to begin clear-up operations.

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