Police chopper to do extra shifts in response to North Korea missile tests

The lads to fly the police chopper have exclusively told WalesOnCraic that they’re going to put in some extra shifts in response to the latest missile tests by North Korea.

The pilots usually like to fly around low-level at night to keep people awake, but now fear that Wales could be invaded by North Korea.

Pilot Robbie ‘HawkEyes’ HawkEyes said:

“The world is changing and we can no longer justify flying around at low-level during the early hours of the morning just to keep people awake. We need to evolve to the latest threats, especially from North Korea. I use a Samsung phone which was made in South Korea and we all know what North Korea thinks of South Korea. Anyone like me could become a target so me and the boys are going to put a few more shifts in to make sure that this country stays safe. That boy Kim is nearly as unhinged as the American president so anything could happen.”

A spokeswoman for the Welsh Assembly said:

“We welcome the police chopper team’s response to the North Korean threat and will do all we can to provide tea and biscuits for their nightly operations.”

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