Boy challenges mum in court over her repeated claims that she ‘hasn’t sat down all day’

A 7 year old boy from Tonyrefail has taken his mum to court to challenge her repeated claims that she hasn’t sat down all day.

Timmy KnowItAll says that he saw his mother sat on the toilet during the day, and therefore her claims are fake news.

He told WalesOnCraic:

“My mother has a penchant for being overly dramatic. We went to Folly Farm a few weeks ago and a pig snorted at her and she thought she’d caught pneumonia off it. But these last few weeks, she’s really made up some real porkers as it were, claiming that she hasn’t sat down all day, which we all know is a lie. I was on my way to the study when I passed the bathroom and she was definitely sat down on the toilet emptying her bowels. How she can claim to have not sat down all day is beyond me. It’s fake news. To her own son. I’ve therefore instructed my solicitor to look into these false claims and to see if there are any grounds for dismissal. I’d like a real mother who does everything for me but doesn’t moan about her role in my life. How do you think it’s going to affect me when I go out into the real world?”

Timmy’s mum said:

“Do you know what mate? I couldn’t give a shit any more. I’m off down the Spar to buy myself a shitload of gin.”

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