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President of the United States misspells three-letter word

Donald Trump, President of the United States of America, has misspelled a three-letter word.

The 70 year old golfer and part-time leader wrote the word ‘tapp’ instead of the world ‘tap’.

A spokesman for the White House said:

“Our Glorious Leader had the most popular inauguration of all time. We’ve got the photos to prove it. There were ten billion people there, really. There were so many people that the earth started shifting on a different axis. That’s how popular our leader is. What we’re seeing is the media peddling FAKE news that someone how our Glorious Leader does not have the mental capacity to lead the Western World. This is wrong. There were loads of people at his inauguration. At one point, we had to turn the volume up on Donald’s microphone because those as the back couldn’t hear his God-given words.”

Twitter users were quick to point out Mr Trump’s spelling mistake.

One user said:

“Hey cockwomble. You can spell Schwarzenegger but you have trouble with a three-letter word. Have a word with yourself, son.”

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