Grand Theft Auto Swansea set to hit shops for Christmas

Popular video game franchise Grand Theft Auto is set to release a new game set in Swansea.

The game, GTA Pretty Shitty City will follow the character Tommy Kilgetty following his release from HMP Parc.

Brian SquareEyes who is helping develop the game told WalesOnCraic:

“We were thinking of where to set our new game and we spent 2 years thinking. Then one night, we sat down to watch Twin Town and it hit us like a thunderbolt – we decided on Swansea there and then. It’s an action-adventure game where you can explore the lovely city of Swansea. You can take part in violence, robberies and also purchase firearms like rocket launchers and anti-aircraft guns. You’re basically building your own criminal empire bit by bit – just like in the real world.”

Welsh video game enthusiasts have expressed their excitement. Tony BigThumbs said:

“I can’t wait to get my hands on this game. I was only telling my girlfriend last night that I can’t wait to get it. Ha ha ha ha. Girlfriend? As if! I’m mad I am. I really am. No, I’m really excited about this game. It means that I can do all the things I’d normally do in Swansea without actually having to go outside my actual door. And if I die in the game, I just wake up in hospital without my weapons and maybe my money which better than waking up dead in Morriston.”

The game will be priced at £700 and includes a free ashtray.

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