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International Women’s Day delayed by 30 minutes while they got ready

This year’s International Women’s Day started 30 minutes later than usual while everyone waited for them to get ready.

Those waiting for the day to start were repeatedly told by the women that they’d be with them in five minutes.

Debbie NineGuts who was celebrating International Women’s Day said:

“Obviously I’m a woman and it’s great to get our own day. The only issue I had was the amount of time it took some of the girls to get ready. There were plenty of us hanging around waiting to start the celebrations but we had to wait over half an hour while they did their hair and makeup. It took some of the gloss off the party to be honest and when they did turn up, they didn’t look any different than they did half an hour before.”

Women across the world celebrated being ladies by telling the lads that they were here to nevertheless persist.

One woman added:

“If lads think they’re in charge of this world, they don’t know shit.”


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