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Mexican beaver working on US dam without documentation faces deportation

A Mexican beaver who is working on an American dam without relevant paperwork is facing deportation from him home town.

Juan ‘The One’ BeaverFace is currently working on a dam near the US/Mexico border. US officials have visited the beaver at least twice following orders from the White House.

A spokesman for the White House said:

“Did you not see how many people attended the inauguration of our Glorious Leader? There were BILLIONS of people there. There were so many people cheering on our blessed President that the earth went out of orbit. And the press report that there weren’t as many people as Obama’s? Come on. Give us a break. So far, our beloved President has turned this country round in less than 30 days. Unemployment was down to 0% within his first week of office and we are also going to land a man on Jupiter by the end of the month. How can you say that there were more people at Obama’s inauguration? Shame on you and your fake news.”

Juan BeaverFace told WalesOnCraic:

“Don’t know ’bout them but I’m staying right here. If they try and chuck me over that wall, I’ll dig a big friggin’ tunnel right underneath it and that’s the truth.”

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