UK’s first man-bra shop opens in Swansea

The UK’s first man-bra shop has opened in Swansea.

Moobvissimo opened its doors on Saturday and was inundated with eager overweight shoppers.

Manager Terry TurboTits told WalesOnCraic:

“We had lads queuing outside our shop overnight for our opening. A few of them got stuck in the door as they were coming in so we had to call the Fire Brigade to set them free. Once they were in though, we had a lot of them getting themselves measured properly. Our entire range of moob-bras sold out within five hours. We had to start improvising with buckets and pieces of string.”

Shopper Danny FatArse said:

“I got myself a great deal on some man-bras. I’ve got one for going out down the club, one for work and one for slouching around the house. I even managed to get one with holes in so that my nips stick out. My missis is going to love it.”

Moobvissimo plans to open stores across the UK for men with tits.

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