Italian supporters stood ‘stood one metre back from bar and did not engage’

Italian rugby fans have reportedly stood back one metre from the bar where they were drinking during the England v Italy game.

The revellers caught the English barman unawares by not engaging him with him during the transaction of buying the drink.

Barman Dillon Smartley said:

“I couldn’t figure out what they were doing. They’d ask for a drink but from one metre back and then refuse to engage with me when I told them how much it was. I was very confused. I had to ask my boss what the hell was going on and what I should do. He told me that he was just my boss and not my mother. It took my nearly 40 minutes to figure out that they were just playing silly buggers and after that, it was all plain sailing.”

One Italian fan said:

“We thought we’d have a laugh with them. Should have seen the look on their faces. Pure comedy gold.”

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