John Inverdale ‘moist’ as England installed as Six Nations favourites

Sports commentator John Inverdale has reportedly told the press that he is ‘moist’ as England were installed as Six Nations favourites.

England beat everyone in their path last year after going through a long period of winning jack shit.

A spokesman for Mr Inverdale told WalesOnCraic:

“John was very excited to hear that England have been installed as this year’s Six Nations favourites because they are his favourite team in the tournament. John told us that he was ‘moist with excitement’ and having England as clear favourites means that he can talk about them at any time, during any game, and get away with it. John likes to do this anyway, even if it’s a Scotland v Ireland game but he feels that he has justification this year and he’s very excited about it.”

Inverdale will once again be joined by former Welsh international Jonathan Davies, who is looking forward to his stock quotes of ‘inside shoulder’ and ‘maggernifisunt’. He told WalesOnCraic:

“I’m very much looking forward to saying ‘inside shoulder’ and ‘maggernifisunt’. Not many people know that I don’t get to say these things at any other time of the year so the Six Nations Championship is my chance to let my hair down and say those things as many times as I like.”

The Six Nations kicks off this weekend when Scotland take on Ireland at Murrayfield on Saturday.

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