Wales ‘on course to win World Cup’


Wales are on course to win their first-ever World Cup, according to international football expert Dave down the pub.

Wales thrashed USA 1-1 in their opening game, and have left other teams quaking in their boots, according to Dave down the pub.

Dave told WalesOnCraic:

“We didn’t even turn up in the first half – we didn’t need to becaused we knew we’d come back in the second half. In my view, it was a win for Wales, despite the 1-1 scoreline suggesting that we only scored the same amount of goals as they did. We could have put them away if we’d wanted to but there’s no point winning all your games and showing your hand too early.”

Wales face Iran on Friday at the tournament and Dave is confident of another draw.

“You say they’re a draw but they’re wins in my eyes. I remember the 1980s when we lost everything going so to be here at the World Cup is nothing short of a miracle. My only wish was that Neville Southall was still playing because I loved his moustache.”

Wales will also face England in their groups stages.

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