Welsh unemployment down 89% as 3 million people take up armchair rugby coaching positions

Welsh unemployment has dropped unexpectedly as 3 million people have taken up armchair rugby coaching positions.

The 3 million armchair coaches will offer expert analysis and qualified guidance to the Welsh national team over the next few months.

Billy WideArse, Chairman of the Welsh Armchair Coach Society told WalesOnCraic:

“We’ve had a lot of new recruits this year, some of them learning from those who have gone before us. As usual, we’ll be helping the national squad as they take on the might of the other home nations. The coaches that are paid for by the WRU offer very little in the way of insight. They just like to stand around with bobble hats on when the lads are training. We offer proper coaching through shouting at the telly, throwing things at the telly and kicking the telly over. It’s like the boys can hear us and in many cases, when we shout ‘Go on!’ to the telly, the boys seem to respond. It’s people like us who really make the difference to our national team.”

One new coach said:

“I’ve been down Kwik Save and bought myself a slab of Skol. I’m a bit nervous about my first coaching session on Sunday but everyone has to start somewhere don’t they?”

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