England to annex Barry Island to Somerset


The English Government has announced the surprise annexation of Barry Island to Somerset.

The Welsh Government has said that it will ‘send the boys around’ to resolve the situation.

A spokeswoman for the Welsh Government told WalesOnCraic:

“Who the frig do they think they are? I would have thought that they would have already had enough of us, given that they overran us hundreds of years ago. I think we all know the real reason why they want Barry Island and that’s because they want the Log Flume. What they don’t know is that it’s due to be replaced by a crappy rollercoaster in the next few months anyway. We’ll be sending the boys around to sort the situation out. Probably tomorrow after Cash In The Attic.”

A recent referendum held by both of Barry Island’s residents has determined that Barry Island now belongs to England, according to the English government.

“We’d like to send our Tarquins there to live,” said a spokesman. “We like the beach plus Boofy’s do a lovely curry and chips. We want that for ourselves.”

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