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Yellow cars to come with sick bags as standard from 2018

Yellow cars that roll off the production line will include sick bags as standard from 2018.

The sick bags can be used by the vehicle’s users and also handed out to pedestrians.

Simon Banana, head of the Yellow Car Society UK said:

“As we have seen in previous days in the national press, yellow cars are now more popular than ever. However, we are still stuck with the problem of the nausea that is created by our cars. For the drivers, it’s not too much of a problem as they mostly see the inside of the vehicle. It’s a lot worse for some pedestrians however who have to look at these cars. A percentage of the population are unable to look at a yellow car without wanting to vomit over it, which is a bit of a shame but there we are. These new sick bags will allow drivers of yellow cars to help pedestrians who are affected by our lovely yellow cars.”

A spokesman from the AA said:

“Our cars are yellow and we never have any problems. I think that this is a stupid story and you’ve obviously run out of stuff to write.”

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