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Trumpland Theme Park to open in Scotland

A theme park dedicated to America’s glorious leader is set to open in Scotland later this year.

Trumpland will be a magical fantasy world of alternative facts and diversion, all surrounding the beautiful and imposing Presidented Palace.

Constructor Bob Buildit said:

“We’re delighted to have won the contract to build Trumpland in Scotland. As you know, the Great One has very strong links to us here in Scotland and we are more than delighted to fly the flag for Trump. Over in one part of the park, we’ll have a 3D mockup of the Press Room, where you can go and get shouted at by our very own Press Secretary. In another part of the park, we’ve got a Russian theme going on where visitors can pick up DVDs of politicians in compromising positions. And over in another part of the park, you can even take part in the world’s biggest ever inauguration. It’s going to be a wonderful place to come and visit for the day and we very much look forward to opening our gates.”

One resident who lives nearby said:

“I won’t be going. If I wanted to experience anything like that, I’d strap my wet bollocks to a nearby electric fence.”

The park is expected to open in the autumn, several months after Trump’s impeachment.

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