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Wales pays tribute to victims of the Swedish Meatball Massacre

Welsh politicians have led tributes to victims of last night’s Swedish Meatball Massacre.

Hundreds of people were injured when imaginary terrorists broke into an Ikea store and threw meatballs at people. The incident was first reported by President Donald Trump at a rally in Florida.

A spokesman for the Welsh Assembly said:

“We are devastated to hear news coming in from Sweden. Not sure what happened exactly though as we can’t seem to find any evidence of it on the news or on the internet. We’re hoping that this was just the work of some local youths and not an international terrorist organisation. We are still awaiting details from the White House about the terrible massacre, although news has not been forthcoming as they are still looking to somehow prove that Trump’s inauguration was the most popular one in the history of everything.”

A spokesman for Sweden said:

“We thank Wales for their tributes but we really are ok. Honest. The only thing that’s happened around here is that an old man went flying over his zimmer frame in a local shop last night because he’d had too much Koppaberg. Other than that, we’re all fine thanks.”

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