New DaiPhone 7 comes with ‘Unsend Text Messsage’ button

The new Dai Phone 7 has been released and critics are already raving about its latest feature.

The new model comes with an ‘Unsend Text Message’ button which recalls texts sent in error, haste or under the influence of alcohol.

Spokesman David ‘Dave’ Davies told WalesOnCraic:

“People have been crying out for this feature for years. Only last night, I downed three bottles of Blue Nun and sent a cock pic to what I thought was my wife. Sadly, I somehow pressed the wrong button and sent it out to all my work contacts. Normally, I’d dread going into work on Monday but thanks to my new Dai Phone, I can recall my cock pics that I sent in error to all my work colleagues. The texts will simply disappear from other people’s phones which means that no one will have a picture of my cock on their phone. Not unless they’ve saved it to an external hard drive and then uploaded it to Facebook or something.”

Dai Phone user Tina WetCleft said:

“I’m always accidentally sending pics of my wabbers to people I shouldn’t so this feature will be a great addition to the portfolio of great erm…features. I shall be picking my new Dai Phone up on Monday when the shops open again.”

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