Adrenaline junkie leaves house with just 43% phone battery

An adrenaline junkie from Aberdare has left his home with just 43% battery on his phone.

Craig ‘Nutter’ TrebleChin said the thrill of leaving the house with such little battery made him feel alive.

He told WalesOnCraic:

“It’s an addiction. Only a few years ago I remember that I’d have to charge my battery to the max. I happened to leave the house once with 98% on my phone and I remember the thrill that I got from that. After that, it was a case of leaving the house with less and less battery on my phone. First it was 90%, then 80. The less battery I had, the more alive I felt. I remember when I did my first 70%. Then I got down to 60 and then the magical figure of 50. But this week, I think I pushed things a little too far. I had to pop to Kwik Save for some bleach. I looked at my phone and it was at 43%. I was in two minds but eventually, I opened the front door and ran down the street. It was scary but so worth it.”

Craig’s mate Jimmy FourEyes said:

“The boys’s nutter. He does all the things we often think about but haven’t got the guts to do.”

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