Yellow Weather Warning of thunderthtromth across Wales this weekend


The Met Office has issued a Yellow Weather Warning of thunderstorms across Wales this weekend.

The high pressure that has been providing us with the settled warm weather is set to shift its hot arse off to Scandanavia, allowing unsettled weather to move in.

Wales’s leading weather expert, Derek The Weathersheep, told WalesOnCraic:

“To be honest, it’s been a bit too warm for me these last few weeks. I’ve been sweating my woolly bollocks off so I’m happy to see some thunderthtromth moving in. I like to give the missis one when the weather’s stormy – it kind of adds to the atmos. The constant banging also distracts her from the fact that I’m crap in bed because she’s too busy hoping not to have the house struck by lightning.

“Anyway. Back to the weather. We may see some torrential downpours and because the ground is so dry at the moment, we may see some flooding as the water won’t have time to be absorbed. Remember – if you do see lightning about to strike you, remember to put your wellies on as this could save your life.”

The storms are expected to arrive in Wales on Saturday afternoon.

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