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DFS sale continues


Inside sources from a leading furniture retailer have revealed that the DFS sale is set to continue for the time being.

It was widely believed that the DFS sale was due to end on Monday but leaked information has proven otherwise.

The source told WalesOnCraic:

“We’ve been told to keep our mouths shut about this but I know for a fact that the sale will continue past Bank Holiday Monday. In fact, I was met by a man who’d built a time machine and had travelled 300 years into the future and he told me that the DFS sale was still on then. When it comes to working the shop floor however, we’ve had to put up posters saying that the sale ends on Monday.

“Our radio adverts say that the sale ends on Monday. This all ties in with the fake news that everyone’s been talking about. This is it, happening now, right under our noses. The people can’t be hoodwinked like this any more. We need a leader who can champion the rights of the people and that person is me. Vote for me, Brian Bellend, leader of your…”[interview terminated at this point].

The DFS sale originally started in the times of Jesus. He once visited a store to find that they didn’t have the recliner he wanted and went apeshit, upturning the tables of the money lenders and stuff.

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