Welsh pensioners taking up crime to provide themselves with shelter and food in prison

A newly published survey from the Forgotten 50 Year Old’s Society of Wales is showing that 42% of men surveyed, who are in their 50s are having to consider alternative solutions for their care, when they get older.

Over 1000 Welsh men in their 50s, were surveyed over a week, across Wales.

With social care being cut back, year on year, by local Councils as austerity cuts deepen, it seems that a life of crime is being considered as a means for our future elderly to receive proper care, in their old age.

John Chundergrass, 56, of Newtown was interviewed and spoke to WalesOnCraic. John said:

“I have paid into the system for almost 40 years now. I was expecting to be looked after in my old age if I need it. However, local Council budgets are being cut every year and with the baby boomer generation approaching retirement, I have seen my parent’s generation are not receiving the care that I would hope for. Carers come and go within 15 minutes. They don’t have time to talk to their clients and elderly are left in beds with dirty bedding.”

John continued:

“This made me realise that I have to make my own plans for my own age as I don’t have the savings to pay for a comfortable retirement.

“I have seen all the court cases of the likes of Rolf Harris and Stuart Hall and seen them in cushy prisons. I have researched on the internet at how comfortable it is in prison for elderly prisons. Heating, books, TV, 3 meals a day. Even an early morning call. Where do you get that sort of room service on the outside? I have started researching the lengths of prison sentences on offer. Whether its a murder, downloading dodgy porn, stealing millions from a bank or parking on double yellow lines, I am looking at prison being the solution to my final years,” John continued.

A spokesman for the Government said:

“We have seen cuts to social care to the poor. But we didn’t see it coming that the elderly will start to commit serious crimes to get a cozy life in a person’s final years. But to think 42% were considering a life of crime in old age is a worrying trend and we will have to start building a few prisons for the elderly. Come to think of it, I may have to do the same myself as I am on a crap contract thanks to this Government.”

WalesOnCraic can confirm that Marigold Prisons Ltd is developing plans for prisons for the elderly and there are plans to build 4 across Wales and a further 18 over the rest of the UK.

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