Jiffy losing his voice in the first 15 minutes ‘was probably for the best’

Welsh rugby fans have said that it was probably best that Jonathan Davies lost his voice in the first 15 minutes of the epic game between France and Wales.

Davies, more commonly known as Jiffy, had to stand down from commentating duties after his voice went tits up.

One fan said:

“It was probably for the best. He can usually only just get through 80 minutes, never mind 100 and we think he would have exploded had he gone on. We think it was best that he packed it in after 15 minutes, although without him, I think we lost that 16th player, which ultimately cost us the game. We don’t think he’d have coped if he’d seen that horrific head injury on that French tighthead too so it was probably for the best.”

One fan said:

“Losing Jiffy was like losing a right arm. It cost us the game but we can’t expect him to carry us in every game. The man’s only human so I’m hoping that he went home, put his feet up and had a Lemsip. The poor man.”

Jiffy isn’t the only Six Nations commentator to desert his duties mid game. In 2013, Scottish commentator Andrew Cotter had to leave early after he had a bad case of the shits.

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