BBC to show replay of last 20 minutes of FRAvWAL instead of Eastenders Christmas Special this year

The BBC are set to feature the last 20 minutes of the France v Wales Six Nations game instead of the traditional Eastenders Christmas Special this year.

The Beeb say that the 20 minutes of prime time viewing had everything they wanted – fake injuries, cannibalism, lots of shouting and a guy in the middle of it all who doesn’t know what the f*ck is going on.

A spokesman said:

“After God knows how long of the usual shouting matches on Eastenders at Christmas, we thought we’d show a replay of the France v Wales game. For the neutral viewer, it had everything we could ever wish for – more in fact. Why didn’t we think up a storyline about a man eating his own arm? Then of course, there’s the Frenchman who clutches his stomach to help nurse his sore head, a French medic who no one has ever seen before – and best of all – a very confused Englishman in the middle of it all. He’ll be our new Ian Beale, we’re sure of it.”

Fans have reacted to the news saying that it’s the last thing that they want to see again

“God that was awful. 20 minutes of my life I’ll never get back. I’m sure that they players won’t want to see that again either.”

The French player with the serious head injury has said that his stomach should be better in a few weeks.

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