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BREAKING NEWS: Shithole countries still functioning

News is emerging that shithole countries across the world are still functioning.

It follows news that the US is currently without a government or any kind of idea what the frig is going on.

A spokesman for International News Source said:

“We’ve been getting reports that shithole countries across the world are still with government, and still functioning as they were last week. We would also like to confirm that these shithole countries are still able to open their national parks and also not put hundreds of thousands of individuals on leave of absence. Looking to the US, who could perhaps learn a thing or two from these shitholes, maybe the Trump administration could look to just walk away and leave it to professionals.”

A spokesman for the White House said:

“Our stable genius is in total control. I repeat – he is in total control. And can someone help us find him as he’s gone walkabout. Thanks.”

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