Welsh celebrity couple call their child Newport West

A couple from East Wales have called their newborn child Newport West.

The couple said that they hoped their child would grow up to be friends with Kanye and Kim’s new kid.

Dad Billy said:

“We wuz umming and ahhing about what to call the kid when it came out. Fortunately, there was a thing on the news just after my missis gave birth, saying that Kanye and Kim had called their new kid Chicago West. I had a brainwave and told my missis that we should call our kid Newport West. Hopefully one day, Chicago will bump into Newport and they can both talk about how they have something in common. Maybe then Kanye and Kim can come to ours for tea. I does a wicked curry – out of the pot. Lloyd Grossman’s it is.”

Hospital staff said that they were struggling with the child’s unusual name.

“We’ve had some shitty names in here over the past but this is just total bollocks.”

The couple shot to fame for having no talents whatsoever in 2014.

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