Following Welsh Happiness Day, Wales returns to being miserable as shit

Wales has returned to its default state of being miserable as shit following a day of unnatural happiness.

Welsh Happiness Day saw several hundred Welsh people break into half smiles, which today has returned to a default downward frown.

Clive Grimgrits of Grumpy Fuckers Coffee Shop said:

“We were a bit uneasy when we first heard of Welsh Happiness Day but each to its own. We had people coming in and smiling and all that but we kept our distance. There was even some TV shows on about it in the evening but I turned that off and put Leonard Cohen on the record player instead. While we appreciate that some people might want to be happy, it’s nice to get Welsh Happiness Day over with so that we can go back to being miserable shits.”

Organisers of Welsh Happiness Day are also feeling the effects of the day after the day before.

“Roll on Christmas,” said one staff member.

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