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Women’s pussies braced for Trump’s UK visit

lover boy

Women’s private parts are braced for President Trump’s visit to the UK in June.

The tangerine lothario is renowned for helping himself to women’s bits and authorities have warned women to be prepared.

A spokesman for the Government said:

“We all know that Lover Boy has wandering hands so we’re putting it out there now so that women are prepared. Trump once infamously told a television host that he can do anything to women, including ‘grabbing them by the pussy’. As we all know, most women would vomit on him, but he likes to think that he’s bit of a boy. We are letting women know now in advance, rather than be unexpectedly grabbed.”

A spokesman for the White House added:

“President Trump’s inauguration was the biggest this universe has ever seen. Period. I don’t know why you keep bringing this up. There were billions of people there.”

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