95% Wales couldn’t give a shit about Prince Louis’s first birthday

A record 95% of Welsh people have said that they couldn’t give a shit that it’s Prince Louis’s birthday.

75% of the 95% said that they didn’t even know who Prince Louis was.

Chris Packet, who took the latest poll told WalesOnCraic:

“I went down The Albert to conduct this poll and I asked a few people if they gave a shit that it was Prince Louis’s birthday. I spoke to 5 people and of those people, 95% said that they didn’t give a shit. If I were to calculate this percentage for the Welsh population, that means that a lot of people don’t give a shit. Many of the people I spoke to said that they didn’t even know who Prince Louis was and I rounded that rough figure up to 75% because that’s my favourite number.”

Prince Louis is fifth in line to the throne, sitting behind Prince Charles, Prince William, the other one, Jeremy Clarkson and H from Steps.

“I’m going back down The Albert tonight to do another poll,” said Packet. “I want to know what people think of my new pair of shorts I bought from Primark yesterday. Plenty of ballroom in them and they even have a pocket for me to put my wallet in. Tidy.”

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