Woman recovering after washing flaps with Original Source Mint & Tea Tree


A woman from Newport is recovering at home after washing her flaps with Original Source Mint & Tea Tree.

Eileen Thunderflaps thought she’d use the shower gel to tend to her lady garden instead of her usual Fresh Flaps intimate wash.

She told WalesOnCraic:

“I usually use Fresh Flaps intimate wash for my cleaning my twinkle. I was in a rush this morning as I had to be out of the house so I thought I’d use my Original Source all over. My lady garden is very much overgrown these days so I thought I’d give it a fresh blast with the menthol. I had the shock of my life. No matter how much I washed it off, it left my kebab feeling like it was being chill-blasted. I’ve been on the settee all day recovering. Never known anything like it. That stuff should come with a health warning.”

Husband Jim said:

“I heard the screams coming from the bathroom and assumed that she’d just caught sight of herself in the shower. I’ve had to take the day off work to sort the silly bint out.”


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