New ‘Soundtrack to Your Summer’ CD includes 3 hours of kids bouncing on trampolines next door

A new ‘soundtrack to your summer’ CD is to feature 3 hours of kids bouncing on trampolines.

As well as kids bouncing on their trampolines, the CD will feature 3 hours of parents drinking wine and not giving a shit about how much noise their kids make.

Producer Glenn Stresshead said:

“We’re always looking for new tracks to remind people of summer days. I was out relaxing in my garden the other afternoon. I’d had a very long week in work and finally managed to sit down with a bottle of wine and sit back. Lo and behold, out come all my next door neighbours to provide me with just what I wanted – 3 beautiful hours of kids bouncing on a trampoline. Oh how I smiled each time they screamed at the top of their voices. Oh how I quietly chuckled to myself when their mates decided to come over and join them. And to top it off, Mum and Dad eventually turned up with their mates to get shit-faced on JP Chenet. It was a beautiful afternoon. It was then that I decided to ‘bottle’ that ambiance with this new CD. It really is the soundtrack to my summer, and hopefully, lots of other people.”

The CD will be available from all good stores, and a few shit ones.

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