Welsh litter pickers ‘Keeping Wales Tidy by popping rubbish over Welsh border’

Litter pickers on the Welsh border with England have been accused of keeping Wales tidy by putting rubbish over the fence into England.

With the motto ‘Keeping Wales Tidy’ on their backs, litter pickers have been seen putting empty Freddo and Hula Hoop wrappers into English territory.

A spokesman for Keep England Tidy told WalesOnCraic:

“We were out picking up our litter on our side of the fence last week when we spotted our Welsh counterparts up ahead on their side of the fence. We gave each other a cheery wave and carried on about our business. I know I’d done this particular stretch of land because I’m a professional. But when we headed back to our cars for some cucumber sandwiches, I noticed that there was a Freddo wrapper on the ground. I was mortified so quickly picked it up and put it in my bag. A few steps along, I came across an empty Hula Hoop packet, barbeque beef flavour. I thought I was going mad. When I looked up, I could see the Welsh lads chucking stuff over the fence onto our side. I was livid.”

A spokesman for the Association of Welsh Litter Pickers said:

“We’ve heard this kind of rumour before. The fact is that this particular Freddo bar wrapper, along with the Hula Hoop wrapper, had been thrown over OUR side only a few minutes earlier by the English lads. We were simply placing them back in their country of origin.”

A mediator has been sent to the border to calm tensions.

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