Welsh councils to repair potholes with Rice Krispies

Welsh councils have been told to repair potholes in the road with Rice Krispies.

Workers have been told to fill the holes with the popular bland cereal to keep costs down.

One worker told WalesOnCraic:

“We’ve had a directive from the very top saying that all potholes now need to be filled in with Rice Krispies. We’ve been told to add milk and some sugar too and leave to dry. We’ve been told that once the Rice Krispies have dried, very much like when they do on the side of a cereal bowl, they’ll be solid as concrete. We’ve been to Kwik Save and bought all the Rice Krispies that we could get our hands on – even their own brand of it – and we’ll be out this morning fixing the nation’s potholes.”

An Assembly spokesman added:

“We’ve been looking at ways of pretending to care about the state of the nation’s potholes and this is the best that we can come up with. I’m off for a very expensive lunch now. Laters.”

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