Woman finds dead bird in chicken burger


A woman from Gellideg has found bits of a dead bird in her chicken burger.

Emily Wondergunt picked up her chicken burger from Phat Phuc Kebab Bar in Hengoed after a night out.

She told WalesOnCraic:

“I was hanging, I really was. I’d just picked up this fella on the dancefloor and was wanting to sober up a little bit so I could take him to heaven and back when I got home. I ordered a chicken burger as I know that it has a lot of protein in it and that’d keep me going all night but as soon as I bit into it, I knew things weren’t right. There was the kind of dead flesh in there – it was minging. I felt like I was eating some kind of animal.”

Phat Phuc Kebab Bar manager Adam Hussein said:

“We serve this kind of shit all night long mate. Did you want chips with that?”

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