Tyrannosaurus Rex calls in help to put duvet cover on

A Tyrannosaurus Rex has called in home help after failing to fit his new duvet cover.

Barney ‘T’ Rex bought his new duvet cover from the catalogue but has since struggled to fit it to his duvet.

He told WalesOnCraic:

“The duvet cover looked lovely in the catalogue. It was just the thing I needed to go with my new bedside table. It came yesterday and I was so keen to get it on the bed. As hard as I tried, I simply found it too big to get onto the duvet. I tried all sorts of things but eventually, I had to admit defeat. I’ve called in a home help to do it for me. I’ll need her to come once a week to help me get it on as I don’t want to go bringing girls back here and getting them into a stinky bed.”

A spokesman for the duvet cover manufacturer said:

“We have explicit warnings on all our packaging that our duvet covers may not be suitable for dinosaurs. If this one thinks he’s getting a refund, he can eff off back to the dark ages or wherever he came from.”

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