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Woman gets job

A woman from the future has landed herself a role as a prime TV entertainer.

Dr. Who will take over from the previous Timelord this Christmas.

She told WalesOnCraic:

“It was either this or working in Greggs and to be honest, the shifts just didn’t work out for me there. The good thing about this timelord lark is that I can fit the shifts around me. I start work at Christmas and since I got the job, I’ve had a bit of flak from some of the lads who went for the job and didn’t get it. They said that I’d got it because I’d shown a bit of leg and tit at the interview. The fact is, I was more qualified than any of them and I can’t wait to start work.”

A spokesman for the Sad Twats Against Women Being Timelords said:

“This is an outrage. The Doctor needs to be a man because women get too emotional and it’ll all end in tears.”

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