Brynglas Tunnels set to f*ck up free Severn Bridge toll influx

The Brynglas Tunnels are set to scupper any benefits of free Severn Bridge tunnels.

The Brynglas Tunnels are currently being used as a temporary car park for M4 motorists.

A spokesman for the tunnels told WalesOnCraic:

“When we heard that the Severn Bridge tolls were going to be free, we had to think of a way to f*ck everything up. We have therefore booked some roadworks for the first day that the bridge is free. We are also going to put some bollards down for no reason whatsoever and we may even get a few lads out to look like something’s going on. We can’t have English types coming in to this country without some kind of payoff. This is God’s country after all.”

One motorist said:

“I often park my car in the Brynglas Tunnels for two weeks at a time. Saves me loads of money than going by train.”

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