Top 10 Chat-Up Lines for NATO Politicians

As the NATO leaders head to Kiwis Bar for a night out after talking lots at important meetings, Ralph Coates gives them the top ten chat-up lines that the politicians will need if they are going to pull in Wales tonight.

1. Fair play to you love, you don’t sweat much for a fattie.
2. You’re like a gram of powder – I can’t stop thinking of licking you.
3. Your face is not the best, but that’s ok…I can do you from behind.
4. My feelings for you are like having the shits…I can’t hold them in.
5. I know I asked you earlier, but are you sure you’re not a gram of powder, because I think you’re going to have me up all night.
6. You must be really special darling, cos’ I don’t normally poke mingers.
7. It must be your lucky night tonight sweetheart, cos’ tonight you are going to see a nuclear weapon in action.
8. Give me one of your British quids and I’ll let you tickle my old boy.
9. I know this sounds rather shallow, but how about a back shuttle behind the Poundshop?
10. I’ve been searching for someone like you all my life…now get your laughing gear around this…

Here at WalesOnCraic, we believe that Obama and the boys will not fail if they stick by the well-tested chat up lines above. Do you know any more? The best one will receive a gobble from Mandy No-Teeth next Tuesday behind the VD Client in Pontypridd.

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