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Toby Young to become Phil Mitchell’s stunt double

Former University Regulator Toby Young is to become Phil Mitchell’s stunt double after leaving his government post.

Young said he was more likely to pull a hot bird as a stunt double, rather than a government minister.

A spokesman for Mr Young said:

“Mr Young has always viewed himself as a rough and ready character, attractive to the ladies and with a wandering eye. Mr Young was initially delighted to be given the role of University Regulator, where he thought he might meet girls with big tits. Sadly, he realised that this job involved a lot of paperwork and not meeting young ladies. Mr Young has therefore decided to take on a lifelong dream role of being Phil Mitchell’s stuntman. This new job will show Mr Young in a more masculine light, making him appear more attractive to the ladies. He starts work on Monday and his first job will be falling into a bush drunk. He’s fully prepared for the role and has even been practising his stunts at home.”

A spokesman for Eastenders said:

“We welcome Mr Young’s appointment to our cast. We will be expecting Mr Young to take a leading role as a member of our stunt crew. Viewers can expect to see him getting into all kinds of jolly scrapes as a drunkard.”

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