98% of women who say that they are ready to leave the house ‘are lying’

A staggering 98% of women who say that they are ready to leave the house are in fact lying, according to a new survey.

Women attempt to placate those waiting to leave the house by telling them that they are ready, when in fact, they are 30 minutes away from being so.

Prof. Richard Shinydaps, who carried out the survey told WalesOnCraic:

“I speak for many people who can vouch that this evidence stacks up. Only this morning, I offered to give my wife a lift to work as I was passing her place on my way to work. She said she’d be ready at 7.30am as we had agreed the night before. At 7.25am, she was still in bed, telling me that she was ‘getting up soon’. It wasn’t until 3.30pm that she was finally ready, in which time, I’d already gone to work and come back home. Our recent study has proven that this kind of thing is more common than we think, with partners all over the UK becoming affected by these lies. Our survey showed that nearly 100% of women who said that they were ready to leave the house, were in fact, talking bollocks.”

One woman, who wanted to remain anonymous said:

“Unlike men, I have an appearance to keep up. I like to take my time so I can look my most beautifullest.”

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